We create simple & meaningful applications for our clients that grow theiryour? business.

When choosing a software provider — are you asking yourself questions such as:

  • Are they able to develop my software succesfully?
  • Can and will they prevent delays and develop on time?
  • Is this going to be expensive?

How to hire "the right" software team?

You should ask yourself these questions:

Do they understand my problem?

They must be able to understand your problem first. It’s much more important to know that you’re solving the right problem before solving the problem right.

Are they good match for our company culture?

To make sure they’re a good fit — test them out with a small project that they have to deliver in a short period of time — or let them work on smaller tasks so you can test their compatibility with your company.

Neither interviews or friendly introductions will prevent you from picking the wrong people. Only real work will do.

Are they actively preventing delays?

The best way to prevent delays is to work in short iterations, usually one week. Each iteration should be a small milestone with planning and outcomes delivered at the end of the iteration.

Are they preventing unnecessary costs?

Ask them how they're going to save money or spend the money effectively.

We help you with

Identifying the right problem(s)

We help you to identify the right problem before jumping to a solution. It's much more important that you know that you're working on the right problem before you start to solve the problem right.

Develop quick prototypes in a short period of time

We love to work on projects where we must deliver results in a short period of time. We belive delivering results fast is a great way to sustain your business and especially when you're just starting out.

We actively prevent delays

Working in weekly iterations allows us to review and adjust our scope very quickly. Each week we plan together new iteration and at the end of the week we look together on the results.

We save your money

We save you money by constantly reviewing the scope of the work and we help you identify the right solution for the best outcome or ROI. We want you to see the money you spend with us as an investment and not as an expense.

Our team

Ladislav Martincik

Ladislav Martincik

Software Engineer

Roman Sklenar

Roman Sklenar

Software Engineer

Daniel Dimitrov

Daniel Dimitrov

Software Engineer

Tomas Koliba

Tomas Koliba +1 UX

External UX consultant

Benefits of working with us

We treat you like a partner

We treat all our clients as partners. We care, we listen, we support you on your journey.

100% money back guarantee

We guarantee our work. If you're not happy with us or our work we'll refund you 100% of your money. No questions asked!

Services We Provide

Custom software development

We develop custom software solutions for our clients. An example of such a service could be moving your company from Excel to a custom software.

Rent a developer(s)

You can hire one of our developers while you can still provide all the other services such as PM, Design, UX, etc.

Keboola and GoodData integrations

If you're working with big data in your company or would like to collect and analyse data about your product services or customers we can help you to integrate tools such as Keboola and/or GoodData.

Ruby / Ruby on Rails development Ruby on Rails

We ♥ love Ruby so we do most of our development in it. We have more than 10 years experience working with Ruby ecosystem.

All of our developers are capable of full-stack web development.

Ember JS development EmberJS

Javascript MVC frameworks are our hobby. Maybe because Ruby on Rails and Ember JS is so similar and closely related, we were able to adopt this technology really easy.

React and React Native development React and React Native

React Native help us to bootstrap mobile applications very fast. We also support React community by contributing to opensource projects.

Secure and Scalable Wordpress hosting Wordpress

Our clients are often using Wordpress for their blog or website. Many times they ask us to make it more secure and scalable.

What's the process like?

1. First contact

We can jump on Skype for a quick chat or you can . We'll get back to you ASAP.

2. Understanding your project

We listen and work hard to fully understand your needs and requirements for your project. This usually happens via Skype or in-person.

3. Delivering first results to you

By analysing your problem and delivering first results we start our collaboration and bussiness relationship with you, with real work.

4. First bigger collaboration

If our initial collaboration or project goes well we can then start to plan much larger and more comprehensive collaboration.

5. Iterative development with show and tell

Each week we plan, we work and we present in the form of Show & Tell. Show & Tell is a presenation from us to you demonstrating the outcomes of the sprint.

6. Working together indefinitely

We keep working on our relationship and results forever. :) We're in it for the long-term.


How much do you charge?

New projects start at $5000.

What's your availability?

Usually 1-3 months after our initial conversation. Depends also on the project.

Can you do X or Y?

Just ask. We are fascinated by technology and are able much more than we show. Don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to learn and also deliver outstanding service to you.

How to start?

Let's get to know each other.